Stephanie’s Wedding Tips

Choosing your perfect Dream Team of vendors may be challenging.  I have found that the right DJ can either add sparkle or silence to your ceremony.  An amazing DJ, in my opinion, is one that is willing to share our working outlines to ensure that your day runs seamlessly and provide brilliant sound quality.

I send all of your vendors an outline of our ceremony which I encourage them to look at, and in return share their outline with me if they have one.  The more we know, the better we work together!

If an Event Coordinator or Wedding Planner is not part of your Dream Team, choosing someone to become my “Assistant” is the next best thing! Someone who can gather everyone together and give cues is a great help.

Schedule time for yourselves! The day moves so quickly, take a few minutes after your ceremony to breathe before you dive into photos and the celebration.

Children at the ceremony?  Let’s create a plan (just in case) for the event of an unfortunate melt-down.
Outdoor weddings are my favorite!! Bug Repellants are a Must.  Choose one that is organic and offer it to your guests, they will greatly appreciate it!

Have Fun!  Remember this is YOUR day and everyone has gathered to see you. Enjoy it and know that even with the best plans, Life sometimes unfolds a little differently.