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Therapeutic Massage to me is more than just manipulating the tissue, it’s about the healing power of touch combined with the intuitive massage techniques of the therapist to provide deep relaxation.  It’s the ability to listen to the body’s needs and assist in its healing process.

We offer various lengths of therapeutic massage as guidelines for you to schedule your time with us.

I believe that muscles are like people… they respond to kindness and respect. And sometimes they are guarded and need a little more time and patience to release stress and tension.

We offer 45 minutes on either the front of the body or the back of the body, a 75 and a 90 minute full body service. We like to take our time and really provide a truly memorable experience for you.

Hot stones have been used throughout time for their healing properties. They are grounding and hold heat which can be used to gently relax muscle tension. Integrating hot stones with therapeutic massage is a perfect session for total relaxation.

And just like a good habit isn’t formed over night, but rather by consistently practicing for at least 21 days, that kink in your neck or pain in your back may not go away in one massage session. For that reason, we offer Loyalty Rewards to encourage you to enjoy the cumulative benefits of treating your body well.

Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian Bodywork embodies the true meaning of Aloha: Peace, Love and Compassion. Using prayer, music, intention, and rhythmic movements your Spirit and Body will surrender to bliss and your mind will quiet. It is not uncommon for deep release to occur during these sessions and you will always be held in a sacred space of safety.

These treatments are offered in 60 or 80 minute sessions and we encourage you to allow yourself time after the session to sit for a while.

Whether you choose a Therapeutic massage or a Hawaiian massage enhanced by music, essential oils, and warm towels you are giving yourself the gift of time and relaxation.

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“Two years ago I had both neck and back surgeries. My issues have been with range of motion, general stiffness and discomfort. Stephanie and I began regular massages one year ago. The massages have helped with greater range of motion as well as making me more comfortable. I give most of the credit to Stephanie with helping me get back to playing tennis and racquetball on a regular basis. The great thing is that if I am not feeling so great after exercising, she is able to work her magic and get me moving again. Stephanie’s magic is not limited to her massage technique, but also to her positive and kind personality. I look forward to our sessions.”