Why I love weddings:

I love the happiness and the joyful celebration of Love.

I love the honesty and vulnerability.

I love the venues and the pretty clothes.

I love to part of such a sacred event, and to have a part in the creation of it lights me up!

I love my couples, they inspire me and bring me to tears.  I am blessed to hear their love stories and to share them with their friends and family.

I love to see the reactions of the family and friends who have gathered with us.  It is beautiful to see people open up and show their true emotions.

Love is Divine, and I celebrate it!

So why choose me to officiate your wedding?

I am not your traditional officiant, and have very little, if any rules.  I am open minded and creative.  Very easy to get along with and very honest.

I will listen to your likes and dislikes.  I will treat you just as I would hope to be treated and ask nothing of you that I would not want to do myself.

I give gifts! and a keepsake too!

Your wedding ceremony will be as beautiful as you.