The Aloha Healing Center for Sacred Ceremony

Welcome to my Studio!

I love it here so much and have been told many times that it is a relaxing, beautiful space.

Many years ago when I began working with couples, I was meeting at Starbucks which can be lovely and can also be a little crazy when they’re busy. Often it was hard to find a place to sit for all of us or even more often, it was the evening and they would be getting ready to close up for the night.

My studio space actually belonged to a dear friend, and I told her many times that if she would ever move out to let me know because I loved it… and sure enough she gave me a call and I moved right in. And I soon learned that the gentleman who had the space before her moved to Maui… my favorite place on Earth. The Aloha spirit is absolutely alive in my studio and in all of my offerings to you.

Located in the Sweetest Place on Earth, Hershey, PA, my studio is the perfect place for meetings, small ceremony, and bodywork.

“Stephanie creates a wonderfully relaxing and welcoming environment! I felt so at home and at peace in her cozy space. She customized my massage exactly to my needs and I left feeling so refreshed.  Stephanie’s cheerful but calm demeanor is just the best.”