10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

Massage is a multi sensory experience…

Music plays a powerful role in relaxation and everyone enjoys music differently. If there is something specific that you know helps you to unwind let us know. We are happy to play it.

Fragrance enhances the senses and also has therapeutic properties. We offer various essential oils and treatments to increase your level of relaxation.

Warmth and tranquility help to calm the spirit. We’ve been told many times that simply being in the studio is powerfully soothing and you are welcome to enjoy a heat wrap, a magazine, and a cup of tea while you come back to life after your treatment.

10 tips to get the most out of your massage

  1. Make sure all of your must-do-tasks are finished before your session.
  2. Clear your calendar for time after your massage to honor your body and relax, maybe even take a warm bath.
  3. Have someone else make dinner!
  4. Wear comfortable clothing.  We love you the way you are!  No need to impress us with jewelry and nice clothing.  Slip on shoes, cozy clothes, and no jewelry or fragrances is preferred.  In fact, no makeup or hairstyles are welcome too!
  5. Intend to relax.  Prepare for it by setting up your day in a way to encourage relaxation.
  6. Be patient.  Know that sometimes relaxation takes time and even practice.  We offer Loyalty Rewards so you keep coming back… Practice makes Progress.
  7. Take a minute to think about what relaxes you… is it a style of music or a particular smell? Write them down and share them with us.
  8. Avoid feeling guilty! Take care of your body and it will continue to take care of you.  Life is hard and our bodies get us through it.  Just as we maintain our cars we must also maintain the bodies that we live in.  And unlike cars .. we only get one body.
  9. Schedule them before you leave.  Life is busy and putting something onto your schedule now ensures that it won’t be forgotten.
  10. Be Proud.  Know that even though you are unable to see your massage the way you see painted nails or a new sweater, you are taking care of yourself! And your body will reward you for it in ways that you can hardly imagine.

And because we are over achievers, here is one more tip!

Share it! Everything is better when you share. Give the gift of massage by sharing gift cards or knowledge. Can you imagine a world where everyone is relaxed? A Utopia of Aloha!!