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Spreading Love and Joy through Ceremony.

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!

Like so many of us, I have worn many hats throughout my life: make up artist, aesthetician, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, LifeCycle Celebrant, BodyMind coach. My favorite hat of all is one that allows me to bring all the others to life … Ceremonialist.

Ceremony, and ritual, to me is about celebrating who you are, as you are, wherever you are on your journey.

It’s about self love and embracing the big, and the small moments of your life that you will remember and cherish forever. Giving meaning to moments worth remembering. As a Ceremonialist, I lovingly create and hold space for your transformation. I assist in your transition across a threshold of sorts, and into a new state of being.

Ceremony and ritual may be a wedding with 1–300+ guests to celebrate your love and commitment to another soul.

Ceremony and ritual may be a massage to celebrate your love of self care.

It may be a ritual of making a cup of warm cacao to enjoy while journaling, focusing on gratitude, meditating, making new moon wishes, etc … whatever it may be, I have something here for you.

And if you feel like you’ve lost your way and are looking for something to celebrate, I’m so glad you’re here now, because I have something for you too.

BodyMind Coaching

BodyMind Coaching is a love story. A journey to re-connect with the wonders of who you truly are. An invitation to re-learn how to listen to your body and follow your heart. When we begin to listen, miraculous things begin to happen.

Sessions are offered virtually for individuals and for couples. Sacred Sessions, which combine BodyMind Coaching and BodyWork are offered in person.

Are you curious to discover how BodyMind Coaching can change your life? Let’s talk!


Whether it’s a relaxing massage which takes you from stressed out to blissed out; a wedding which takes you from single life to married life; a coaching session which takes you from stuckness to action; a moment which moves you from a young girl to a young woman; or a cup of warm cacao … there is always opportunity for Ceremony and Ritual.

Time to pause, time to re-connect, time to celebrate. Ceremony and Ritual are calling! Reach out to learn how ceremony and ritual can be a part of your life.


You’re Invited

This is a place to share wedding tips and ideas, learn about coaching and ceremonial work. I think of it as a “behind the scenes” where I share upcoming news and sneak peaks into all the wondrous things that are happening. Plus, it’s also a bit of a library resource where you can easily find wedding readings, vow assistance, audio and videos to boost self love and relaxation and so much more!

I’d love to welcome you to my group!